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I met one of my best friends, the late Ms. Angie Lee, when we where attending junior high. I met another of my best friends, the late Ms. Earnestine Moore, while stationed at my first duty station, the 101st Air Assault Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

We had no idea 30 years ago, let alone 10 years ago that they would be suffering with Stage 4 Cancer…the good Lord invited them to His home to meet their Angels.

I thought it best that I find a new interest since I no longer had my two buddies to travel with and enjoy the world!  I started experimenting with and creating my own all natural hair oils and moisturizers for my personal use at home. Also, over a period of a three-year term in as many years I had the unfortunate experiences of seeking a great natural hair professional stylist because each of the stylist would mismanage my hair to the damage point beyond immediate repair.

Therefore, I decided to cut all the damage from my hair which ended up being approximately ten inches in total.   Soon after that ordeal, I began to notice several other ladies with damaged hair due to one reason or another, but mostly due to the medical related scalp issues.  

After months of research, I realized that the Veterans Administration (VA) provides free cranial prosthesis hair systems (wig/toppers) to men and women Veterans.  The VA will pay 100% for a veteran with a medical hair or scalp condition to receive a cranial prosthesis. Now, I thought…What a great way to give back to my Veteran brothers and sisters by providing a great need, supply and service at no cost to them while at the same time educating them, too?!

You see, most Veterans are not aware that the VA will provide hair systems products free of charge as a Veteran medical benefit.

We also decided to provide multi-color undergarments and skin-tone breast forms for women experiencing pre/post-surgery mastectomy and lumpectomy so that these beautiful women don’t feel forgotten in terms of beauty, sexiness and femininity.

JTJ Resources, Inc., DBA "JTJ Hair Beauty" delivers custom and specialty cranial prosthesis [wigs,  toppers, and hair systems] made with 100% human hair or synthetic materials per client's choice.  We provide our clients with a top-notch atmosphere, a superior caring experience and excellent quality customer service compared to no other by purposely, constantly and effectively exceeding our clients' expectations.   
Our professional team members are certified expert in their field of cranial prosthesis and specialty wigs, hair extensions, weaves and hair loss treatments for all hair types and textures of hair loss referred by a medical specialist for medically induced conditions as a result from cancer, scarring, alopecia (androgenetic and areata), lupus, PTSD related stress, trichotillomania, diabetes and thyroid disease, chemical burns radiation exposures, genetic pattern baldness, cancers which include chemotherapy and radiation therapy and extreme stress.

Current Authorized Servicing Locations:  AL, GA, MD and SC.

NAICS Code and Description:

  • 333999 Wigs, Wiglets,  toppers, Hairpieces and Manufacturing

  • 454390 Direct Selling Establishment (Mastectomy Bra, Silicone and Breast Forms)

  • 812112 Beauty Services/Salon (Areola Tattoos)

  • 812199 Hair and Skin Products

Ms. Tonya Bass serves as President and Owner of JTJ Resources, Inc. (“JTJ”) for 20 successful years proving professional services and other business support services to the Department of Defense as well as 15+ federal Government agencies throughout 20+ states.

In addition, Tonya is a retired U. S. Army Adjutant General Corps Officer who served honorably on Active Duty for 22+ combined years as a Commissioned and Noncommissioned Officer throughout the US, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Mr. James L. Hale is JTJ's Chief, Operations and Business Development Officer with over 20+ years of expertise.

Ms. Linda Williams is JTJ’s Chief, Executive Officer and my fellow U. S. Army Veteran. She is responsible for requisitions, purchasing and logistics.

Ms. Raquel Ammons is JTJ's principal Master Cosmetologist with 30+ years of expertise at multiple levels and primary instructor lead trainer subject matter expert throughout the metro Atlanta areas.

Meet Tony Bass

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