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A scalp invigorating blend boasts a combination of high sulfur content essential oils that can deeply nourish and stimulate the scalp. Sulfur is a key component of Keratin. Regular topical application of Sulfur rich essential oils provides a rejuvenating boost of bioavailable nutrients that may be used for hair thickening and follicle invigoration. 

This wonderfully scented oil can be added to a hair spritz, carrier oil, or deep conditioning treatments and works wonderfully used in a diffuser. It can be used to invigorate and lift one's mood and spirit.

Garlic and Onion Essential Oils


  • Always be sure to perform an allergy and strand test. An allergy test can be completed by applying a small sample of product to the skin at the back of the ear or neck. Wait 48 hours to ensure there is no reaction, change in skin color, texture or sensation. 

    If you experience a reaction, please do not use product .

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